Welcome To The New Visual Graphics Website!

Seeing Is Believing

Your message is important and how you put it in print for others to see is even more important. That’s because we live in a visually-oriented world. The images that make up your printed pieces are impacting and powerful in communicating your message. Over 70% of what we know and understand is learned visually. Visual Graphics is not just a name, it’s an understanding that everything we put in print must have the ability to communicate a message to a visually-driven customer.

Contemporary Craftsmanship

Our world is not only visual, it’s technological. Technology has brought some exciting options to the printing profession. We believe, however, that no technology can replace experienced craftsmanship when it comes to professional printing. Printing is much more than simply running a piece of paper through a machine and having ink applied to it. We concern ourselves with the printed product all the way from prepress to final product. Do the colors on your printed materials match your brand color exactly? Does the fold on your printed piece cause the paper and ink to chip or crack? Does each piece look consistent throughout each print run? Are customers likely to hang onto your piece because the quality is obvious and the message compelling? Experienced craftsmanship goes into every print job that we do.

Lasting Impressions

It’s not just how pretty a printed piece looks initially but whether or not it leaves a lasting impression. While we want your print job to look pretty we also want it to stand out among other pretty print jobs. We go beyond simply printing each job. We take the time to study your piece and consider what message you are trying to convey. Many times the message can be enhanced by the type of paper you use, adding a foil stamp, embossing or some other service that we offer that will make your message last beyond the first impression.

We hope you will enjoy your visit to our site, and will contact Visual Graphics for your next print job.